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Is your peace of mind being rigged by the substandard and lousy padlocks that open to every hand that touches it? Guard your invaluable serenity and padlock the rest of your valuables. But what if the bag gets stolen? Well, with the kind of padlocks we are going to suggest to you, the thief will be forced to leave it on your doorstep because even the master thieves wouldn’t be able to penetrate and manipulate these locks. 

Get your mind off the insecurities, breath, and lean back while we bring you reviews of the 8 best padlocks for storage units.

Lock a way storage but be sure before you secure: tips and tricks to get your hands on best high security padlock

  • What kind of lock do you want 

The market is booming with an abundance of padlocks. Technology is also being used to manufacture more secure locks for storage units. Some of the common types of padlocks are:

  • Fingerprint lock
  • Disc lock
  • Combination lock
  • Cylinder lock
  • Hanging lock

 The best padlock for you is the one in which you can lock and unlock smoothly and fits the hinges of your storage unit. 

  • How much are you willing to pay for it: 

As a rule of thumb, the hefty the price tag, the more secure the padlock. However, make sure all the extra features that the lock is offering, are functional and not just to justify charging more. 

  • Hand-glove fit rule: 

There exist many types of storage units. What is the point of spending money on a lock that doesn’t align with the intended storage unit? To be on a safe side, check the sizes of both the lock and the storage unit for which you are buying it.

  • Where are you going to use it: 

Check the box for the weather-proof feature of a padlock in case you’re considering it for units exposed to sun and rain. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend extra on a new lock every few months. Moreover, see the description of the material that is used in manufacturing the lock. Iron rusts, we all know it!

If you’re buying a padlock for bags, lockers, or indoor cabinets, you can skip this step. 

  • What to not look for in a padlock: 

We recommend to not go for a lock just because it is cheaper. Always buy quality padlocks from reliable sources and places. It is better to pay once for one worthy lock than to pay thrice as much for cheaper locks now and then.

8 best padlocks for storage units



Amazon Price

Master Lock Unit Storage 930DLHPF Padlock

Master Lock Unit Storage 930DLHPF Padlock

ABUS Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Different for Storage Units 

ABUS Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Different for Storage Units

Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock 

Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock for Storage Unit 

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock for Storage Unit 

 Master Lock Hidden Shackle Locks Unit Storage Keyed Alike 6271KA-3 

 Master Lock Hidden Shackle Locks Unit Storage Keyed Alike 6271KA-3

Desired tools Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock for Storage Unit 

Desired tools Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock for Storage Unit

Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100″Hockey Puck Padlock 

Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100″Hockey Puck Padlock

American Lock A700D

American Lock A700D

1. Master Lock Unit Storage 930DLHPF Padlock Best Padlocks For Storage Units 

Key Features

  • The material used: Alloy Steel, Metal
  • Shackle Diameter: 7”/16” 

 This padlock from Master Lock is your rain-shine security guard. This lock can endure every kind of outdoor weather because it is manufactured from hardened boron. No picker can subdue it by sawing or cutting and thus it is our top pick as one of the best padlocks for storage units.

As affordable and inexpensive the master lock is, it is a pleasant surprise that its key can differ over 9000 changes. This padlock offers a 5-pin cylinder lock and a 2” shackle which can be a little long for many storage units—a check of dimensions of the lock with your storage unit is advised to avoid buying a long shackle lock for small hinges. Its use is effortless and security is cast-iron as its boron ally provides unfaltering resistance to weathers and pickers.

  • affordable
  • sturdy build and stylish design
  • all seasons outdoor padlock
  • Rusts over some time, which can be prevented by using WD-40.

2. ABUS Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Different for Storage Units –Best Padlock For Lockers 

Key Features

  •  The material used: Hardened alloy steel
  • Shackle Diameter: 3”/8”

A picker will have to get through 30,000 key combinations and thick stainless-steel ABUS Diskus padlock to get to your stuff. The chances of his/her making it through are zero because this indestructible padlock is resistant to a striking, bolt cutter, drilling, and defeat! 

This ABUS Diskus padlock comes in a pin lock style. As this one comes from a German brand, you will have to wait for new keys arrival in case you want to rekey this padlock. Germany is far away from us! Plethoric winters can harden up its key and hence make it vulnerable for breaking. But you can always warm it by rubbing it in your hands before inserting it in the padlock to open it. If you are looking for the best padlock for lockers  ABUS Diskus is a good recommendation.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • With 30,000 key differs
  • Sturdy and safest locks for storage units.
  • May not be at its best behavior in extreme winter

3. Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock – Best Lock For Gym Locker

Key Features

  •  The material used: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Shackle Diameter: 7”/16”

You can’t find your favorite gym outfit because it was stolen from your locker? While you’re trying your best detective skills to hunt down the thief, secure your storage with Stanley hardware S828-160 to keep your valuables safe and sound. This one is a premium quality padlock cloaked with hardened steel around the keyhole to safeguard it against drilling. And thus, is the best lock for gym locker. 

Stanley hardware S828-160 trots out a 6-pin cylinder lock along with stainless steel ball bearings to procure added protection. On the outside, its shackles are made of stainless steel that can resist bolt-cutting. 

In the same token, this padlock extends an extra Schlage core so you can replace the old one in case it corrodes. Yes, its core is not corrosion resistant and that’s its flaw but Stanley hardware provides a solution to you in the form of the extra core. This may seem a flaw apparently but the removable core enables us to replace it with a more secure one.

  • Padlock for a gym locker
  • Drilling and bolt-cutting resistance
  • Customizable core
  • The core corrodes after a time

4. ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock for Storage Unit – Best Padlocks For Storage Unit 

Key Features

  •  The material used: Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Brass
  • Shackle Diameter: 9”/16”

Unlike most cases, here the price does match the quality. The relatively expensive and high-security padlock from ABUS is the prototype of a superior quality engineered padlock.

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock is one of the best padlocks for storage unit since it is shrouded with black granite to chaperone the hardened steel. With a locking mechanism of 7-disc plus cylinder, this item extends to the users with two keys – one for locking/unlocking in light and the other in dark.The hasp is smaller in size which prevents any attack from bolt-cutters. However, the same smaller hasp may not fit on larger openings storage units. A dimension comparison is recommended before purchase.

  • Robust and durable
  • All-weather outdoor padlock
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Expensive

5. Master Lock Hidden Shackle Locks Unit Storage Keyed Alike 6271KA-3 – Best Storage Unit Lock

Key Features

  •  The material used: Reinforced zinc, Hardened boron alloy
  • Shackle Diameter: 3/8 In.

Did your truck get robbed on a highway when you pulled over for a quick bite over the restaurant? Next time, lock it with Master Lock Hidden Shackle Locks and let the picker wonder where to bolt-cut because it hasn’t got any shackles!

With concealed shackles in the back, the Master Lock 6271KA-3 offers 3-in-1 bonanza—3 locks operated with the same key. Consequently, you don’t have to hassle over a bunch of keys to open different locks. You can lock and unlock all three lockers/bags/storage units with a single key.

This masterpiece from Master Locks is the best storage unit lock as it comes with a 6-pin cylinder, reassured with spool pins to make it not-compliable to pickers’ keys and tools. The only complaint about this one is its cost. But it is worth the money since there are 3 locks in a single package and all three are premium quality.

  • One key access to three locks
  • Well-built design
  • Lifetime guarantee by the company
  • Expensive

6. Desired tools Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock for Storage Unit – Best School Locker Padlock

Key Features

  •  The material used: Zinc alloy and plated steel
  • Shackle Diameter: 0.23 In.

Say goodbye to forgetting keys inside the home or losing them everywhere with a digital padlock. Desired Tools extends towards its customers a 4 digit combination lock with as much as 10,000 combinations.

Feed your favorite 4 digits to this lock and it will instantly open when you dial them again. In case you change your mind about favorite numbers, reset it to your new favorite-its open to evolution. It’s so cute that the company offers this lock-in multiple color range so we can pick any that matches our storage unit. Due to its convenient design and 4-digit passcode, it is the best school locker padlock as well.

However, this padlock is small in size and hence the number pad is smaller as well. So, this may not be the best padlock for people with weak eyesight.

  • No keys required
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Reset option for combination
  • Smaller size

7. Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100″Hockey Puck Padlock – Best Outdoor Combination Lock

Key Features

  • The material used: Hardened steel, nickel-chrome matte finish
  • Shackle Diameter: N/A

Unparalleled indoor and outdoor security padlock has just got a synonym- Mul-T-Lock MT5+TR Hockey Puck lock. This lock ensures the highest degree of security with concealed shackles and nickel-chrome coating. 

While the nickel-chrome shrouding over hardened steel promises an erosion resistance, its matte look gives it a classy look. Talk about loyalty and beauty in the same thing! The double-edged sword, we mean the double-sided key (a single lock comes with two keys) reassures the extra protection.

With a re-key facility, this padlock carries a locking mechanism with 3 part pins. The pin on each side of the key pairs with 2 knobs inside the lock and hence temperament is impossible to make it open. It’s worth the high cost as it is robust, durable, and user-friendly, not picker-friendly. A fine choice as the best outdoor combination lock.

  • utmost security
  • Equally good for outdoor and indoor storage units.
  • Classy and sturdy.
  • High price

8. American Lock A700D – Best Padlock For Gym 

Key Features

  •  The material used: Hardened chrome plated solid steel
  • Shackle Diameter: 7/16 In.

This affordable and aesthetically stylish American Lock A700D promises a durable and rust-free outdoor security. The chrome covering over steel shields it from sawing and deterioration, which is a desirable quality in an outdoor padlock.

You can trust your bikes, yard gates; carrier trunks, container’s bolts, etc. with the American lock A700D and it won’t betray you. It will fight up to its last steel particle to protect your valuables. In addition to being a cheaper padlock, this piece can have its core changed for a re-keying experience, just in case your key gets stuck inside and refuse to come out.

Unlike most padlocks on our list, the American A700D lock comes with a 5-pin cylinder which makes it a little vulnerable to pickers. Otherwise, it is sturdy enough to resist any tampering. We recommend it as the best padlock for gym.

  • inexpensive
  • outdoor padlock
  • rust resistant
  • It sports a 5-pin cylinder lock as compared to other padlocks.


With the huge range of padlock variety available, everyone has got a choice. However, we all have to choose our padlocks wisely because a random pick will pose dire consequences for us.

To save you from making the wrong choice, we’ve presented you with 8 best padlocks for storage units. Do not forget to compare the dimensions of your storage unit and padlock.


  • Is it necessary to buy a lock with a difficult locking mechanism?

No, a difficult locking mechanism isn’t synonymous with anti-picking. A padlock should be reliable and easy to lock and unlock.

  • What is the best padlock?

A padlock that is hard to pick and present resistance to temperaments and seasons is the best. Such as the Master Lock Unit Storage 930DLHPF Padlock.

  • Which type of lock is hardest to pick? 

Combination locks are the hardest to pick because they can’t be tampered with. They come with thousands of combinations so it is next to impossible to enter the correct one by an unknown person.

  • What if you misplace your keys a lot?

A digital or a smart padlock is your best option to get a key-free lock. Just feed them your combination or fingerprint and you’re good to go. 

  • Do different types of storage units require different locks?

Outdoor storage units require a weather-resistant quality including waterproof and corrosion-proof features. Indoors padlock can be of any material.

It is important to check and compare the dimensions of the padlock with your storage unit before buying.

  • How to pick combo locks?

Combination locks are hustle and hassle-free. You can pick one with numbers as a combination, letters as a combination, or a padlock with an alphanumeric combination. Take a picture of your combination in case you forget some of the numbers in your combination.

  • How to break a padlock?

Even if it is your padlock on your storage unit, you can’t break it without using a bolt-cutter or a saw. Using any of these tools will harm the hasp and the storage unit.